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The Everyday Vitality Difference

Exceptional results for over 25 years


Access and Enhance Your Natural
Healing Ability

One of the most important reminders that I share with my patients is that healing happens naturally and it happens without us even being conscious of it. Regardless of the procedure, medication or treatment strategy used, all healing happens within our bodies.

As humans, we have an incredible ability to be resilient and persevere. By learning how to focus our awareness and intention we can materialize in our lives a healthier and more joyful state of physical, mental and emotional health. Our goal at Everyday Vitality is to assist people to become aware of this knowledge, learn how to enhance it, and ultimately create the life they would like to live.

Windsurfing Team

Healing Happens Naturally

You can tap into your innate healing ability and inner wisdom with treatment and support here at Everyday Vitality. 

Acupuncture, herbs, classes and coaching, will lead you to experience improvement in your health, relationships and mindset.

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