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We at Everyday Vitality are advocates of the human spirit. We recognize the importance of supporting each person's authentic goals and desires, because we know each person's unique spirit is what fuels their health and provides them with purpose. At Everyday Vitality, we are here to help you direct your life closer to your own values. Our ultimate goal is to help you create and live your own life of value-fulfillment and vitality. 



Acknowledgements & Gratitudes

Our Story


While on hiatus from his doctoral program in Philosophy, Jacques sustained a severe back injury. He was running charter boats on Martha’s Vineyard, working as a professional captain with his 100 ton Merchant Mariner’s license. His pain was crippling. At times he’d be bedridden and barely able to move for months at a time. Doctors told him he’d need surgery. 

Fortunately, a friend told Jacques to go see Marjorie Lau for acupuncture. Jacques was profoundly amazed by the results of her treatment. It was the first time he experienced real, sustained relief. Jacques and I always look back on this moment as the beginning of our East Asian medicine journey. Margorie treated me with moxibustion for my asthma and allergies. She told us to see Yeshi Dhonden, a Tibetan doctor, who was on a public service visit to the US at that time. Dr. Dhonden gave us herbs and dietary suggestions for our respective conditions. Continuing treatment with Marjorie, and adding yoga to our routine, Jacques healed from his condition within five months. The results were excellent. We were amazed. How could needles, herbs, simple dietary changes, and external heat yield such excellent results? Long story short, we went to China to learn more. 



In LA, Jacques and I met a Qigong teacher named Wen Mei Yu. We traveled to Shanghai with her, stayed with her son and his family, while she introduced us to her teachers and peers. These were remarkable human beings who had dedicated their lives to the study and teaching of qigong, wu shu kung fu, and traditional Chinese medicine. 

We were fortunate to meet Doctor Zhong, who taught us Liangong along with Wen Mei Yu. We met numerous teachers, students, and other individuals who all shared a passion for qigong. These teachers, masters and students were kind, generous, and supportive of our learning. They shared it graciously. For me, the concept of “qi” was no longer an abstract notion. I began to understand how very real it is, thanks to the people I met in China. Practicing qigong for hours each day, listening to the experiences of others (through a translator) who had healed significantly (many from terminal illnesses) from their own practice of qigong, influenced the trajectory of my and Jacques’ life significantly.




Coming home from China, I made what I learned there a daily practice for me. My daily qigong practice kept my asthma and allergies away. Jacques met Dr. Nan Lu. We moved to New York to study qigong, traditional Chinese medicine, including herbs and medical qigong, with him for the next twenty-five years. Dr. Lu’s school and our fellow students were an enormous part of our lives at that time. During this period Jacques earned his Master’s in Acupuncture and Chinese Pharmacology. And I earned my Bachelor’s degree from Yale University in American Studies (the study of culture, politics and identity). Jacques started his private practice in 2000. And I joined him in 2002. To this day, we practice what was shared with us over the decades, and all of what we’ve learned since.

We are deeply grateful for the teachers, doctors, fellow students and patients in our lives. We are grateful for what we’ve learned and shared together thus far.



Our journey in our young adulthood shaped our lives. But nothing comes close to what our parents did and do for us. They brought us into this world and sustained us with their love, support and belief.

We thank our parents: My late mother Linda Lou Beecher, who gave me a unique and powerful childhood. My mother raised me as a single parent, showing me deep layers and levels of humanity. My mother set me on my journey and believed in me ever since.


We thank my father, Bob Ocegueda, who stayed very connected with me throughout my childhood. And, over the past 18 years, has immersed himself in helping our family at every juncture. Currently, he is the backbone of Dragonfly Pond, our tiny family farm. 


We thank Jacques’ late father, Robert Depardieu, who dedicated his life to raising and providing for his family. He gave his son the gift of humor, modeled a strong work ethic and taught the value of family, commitment, good food and wine. 


We thank Jacques’ mother, Denise Cau Depardieu. She continues to hold the line, praying for every one of her family members everyday. She embodies the meaning of fortitude. She teaches by example in all that she does. Her love, grace, and tenacity make her entire family proud of who she is and the love she holds for us all.


Last, and above all, we are grateful to our children who help us keep our childlike spirit awake and alive. Their perspectives, personal experiences and discussions with us, help us continually learn, expand and grow. We are forever grateful and proud of who our children are and are becoming.


And we thank you, for being interested in learning another way to relate to yourself, your health and your life. We hope that you can find something on this website–a class, a video, a meditation–or our services, acupuncture or coaching, that can help you create a healthy, value-fulfilled life.

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