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Jessica O. Depardieu is a Certified Life Coach and active member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)


The coaching process is an excellent vehicle for self-discovery and personal value-fulfillment. 

In three general stages, coaching with Jessica helps you identify the ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that are holding you back–or keeping you from what you want in life.


The next stage is a shift in perspective and expanded self-awareness for the client. Following this, clarity on what’s been keeping them “stuck,” “trapped,” “fearful” or “confused” naturally unfolds.


Internal and external action steps then emerge. And this is where the beauty of the coaching process becomes visible and measurable, with these new insights, with the shift and staying on their new, affirming path, clients can start to directly experience the health, prosperity and fulfillment they came in looking for. 

A Free 12 Minute Guided Mediation with Jessica!

What Her Clients Are Saying

Crashing Waves

Lisa S, Psy.D

"I look forward to my coaching sessions with Jessica. I leave feeling understood, uplifted & excited to focus on our session goals & homework. As my business grows, I grow. Jessica's a gift as a coach."
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